EVOKE® - The Life Planning Process

Life Planning takes place through a five stage process known as EVOKE®

These five stages are:

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1. Exploration - this is where we ask why you have come to see us and what you want to achieve. There is a questionnaire which we ask you to complete detailing all the hard facts about your finances (income and outgoings, assets and liabilities) and, although it is an important part of the process, at this stage the focus will be on helping you create a space in which you will be able to access your dreams and ambitions, some of which may have become lost in the hurly burly of everyday life.

2. Vision - we get into the nitty gritty by asking you to answer some really big questions - the numbers on your payslip or the value of your home are utterly unimportant at this stage. To give you a taste of this session let's plunge in with "Question 3" (it's in the public domain so we aren't spoiling anything……) - if you had 24 hours to live what would you feel you had missed?

There are some more questions like this and after you have answered them all we will help you to envision the life you really want to live.

3. Obstacles - once you (the "real you" who knows what will fulfil you at this time) has expressed itself the "everyday you" will usually find all sorts of reasons why you can't do what will make you truly happy.

We might not have heard every excuse but we've heard a lot of them from "I can't afford it" to "nobody will look after my cat" and, of course, "what would my mother/father/friend/neighbour think?" We've also heard - time and again - how people can find their own solutions to these apparently insurmountable problems. At this stage each excuse or doubt is addressed and action begins.

4. Knowledge - it's nuts and bolts time. Armed with the knowledge of what you want to do and what financial means are at your disposal we will construct the Financial Life Plan. Typically this will consist of a cash flow statement over the appropriate periods and a list of the specific steps which you are going to take to ensure that your financial means are properly applied to the life you truly want. Where regulated investment expertise is required we will recommend appropriate advisers and attend the relevant meetings with you if you wish.

5.  Execution - the final stage where we factor in any adjustments you may wish to make in light of our suggested financial plan. The document is presented to you and we sign it off as an agreement of the process we have completed. In Life Planning, Execution does not merely mean signing off a document it means taking the steps in the plan and making it happen. Review sessions for updating the plan are available if you wish to arrange them and we look forward to hearing your stories!


A complete Life Plan will usually consist of between three and five meetings which last from one to two hours as well as the time taken to prepare your financial plan.

No charge is made for the first meeting.

If, at the end of that meeting, you decide to continue the Life Planning process we will agree a fee based on the information which you have given us about your circumstances.

We do not take any other charges either by way of introducer's fees or fund management charges.

Review meetings after the Life Planning process has been completed are charged according to the amount of work required by each client.

EVOKE® is a Trade Mark of the Kinder Institute